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Is your child constantly in motion or always falling out of their seat? We incorporate core strengthening exercises, balance training, and visual tracking drills to help your child have the ability to sit still. Kids have a blast in our indoor SWING in our Sensory Gym!
When things are not going well and no one really knows why, it can be very hard on your child’s self esteem. Having a better understanding of why school and home are challenging, and being in control of how you feel are essential to building confidence.
Building friendships can be hard for some children. Impulse control issues and poor spatial awareness can make it much more difficult. We use state of the art technologies that specifically address these areas.
There can be many distractions in a classroom or at homework time. Distractions can make learning and behaviour a struggle. We use some computer based video game technology to train your child’s brain so they can pay attention. Learning to attend to important information, while tuning out interruptions, is our focus.
Our Occupational Therapist will assess WHY your child is struggling academically, then we train the skills necessary for your child to have success at school using a variety of methods, including occupational therapy.
Children with anxiety or who are having behaviour issues at school often have sleep disturbances which can affect not only the child, but family life as well. Calming the nervous system significantly improves sleep patterns; a rested student has the potential to learn and behave better
School can be a very stressful place for kids. A busy classroom environment can be overwhelming. We teach your child skills to improve their sensory processing abilities, so they can manage their day and enjoy school.
No one likes to see their child struggling with behaviour at school or at home. It affects the whole family. We help build foundations they need for success at school and home.
Adults do not always recognize anxiety in kids, however anxiety is a huge barrier to learning. We help kids recognize when they are feeling anxious, and ways to deal with it, so that they can learn.

Then you’ve come to the right place, and we’re here to listen.

“So much is possible, when you look for the possibility of change.”

What We Do

Free Consultation

We always offer free consultations!


Our treatment plans are client centered, and individualized to address the unique needs of each person.

Video Game Technology

We use state of the art game technology as part of our therapy. Kids love it!


A comprehensive assessment is completed with each person. The results direct us to an individualized treatment plan.

Sensory Gym

Come see our fun and therapeutic Sensory Gym.


Recommendations can be provided to the school. We are always happy to collaborate with your child's teachers.

Client Testimonials

  • “To Our Biggest Cheerleader, Penny: I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to another year of watching (our son) grow with you.”

  • “We are so lucky to have you both in our lives! My son has come such a long way with your support and coming to see you is the highlight of his day. Thank you”

  • “Thank you for your dedication, patience, and compassion in helping to encourage him to realize his abilities and apply himself at school and in his personal life. He has received a gift from you that will serve him well his entire life.”

  • “Mandy and Penny changed Kate’s life and mine too. Forever grateful to these amazing women.”

Some See a Playroom With Toys

We see a place for developing function and ability.

Some See a Life-Long Reading Disability

We see a reason to look deeper to find out why, and help find solutions.

Some see a video or computer game

We see a fun training tool that helps build ability and confidence.

Some Only See Limitations

We see reasons for change and hope for the future.

Book A Free Consultation With Us

Free Consultation

We offer Free Consultations so that we can understand what is going on for each person and their family, and to make sure we are a good fit for them.

All consultations are private and we treat each person with dignity and respect, regardless of the reason they’re coming to see us.

You can use the form to contact us by email, or you can email us directly at growingbrainconnections@gmail.com to book your Free Consultation with us.

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