Mandy Kent

Mandy has always studied and worked in the field of physical health & wellness. She works with clients who face issues ranging from concussion, auditory or visual processing challenges, to attention deficit, sensory processing disorder, learning and behaviour challenges, as well as stroke, vertigo, and other balance challenges.

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Penny Hodgkins

Penny has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and has experience working with children who have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and learning disabilities. Penny has a passion to help kids manage their anxiety, and give them strategies to excel at school.

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We offer Free Consultations so that we can understand what is going on for each person and their family, and to make sure we are a good fit for them.

All consultations are private and we treat each person with dignity and respect, regardless of the reason they’re coming to see us.

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